We are proud to offer top quality products. We favor the comfort, elegance and functionality in the creation of all our products and accessories.


We are inspired by all the fashions and trends but what inspires us most, is to make a difference in the lives of women by influencing and rewarding them with a unique style that will allow them to believe in themselves, and live their lives beautifully.


Innovation is one of our core values. This first collection is our key to success as it innovates by proposing a daring concept never seen on the market. A ‘’chic’’ fashion set, versatile and contemporary requested and created by women for women.


All our frames are inspected at least two times (in the factory and at warehouse) before finding their way to you. 99% efficiency in order and shipping processing, all of this managed by qualified employees committed and trained to excellence.


We work with only the best material available on the market such as high quality non-toxic custom single-sheet cellulose acetate.


We have a long, strong and trusty relationship with our family-owned factories, that are detailed and quality focused, always favoring advanced technology.